Selasa, 26 Julai 2011

environment friendly practices at school

a) Better rely on natural lighting and leave windows open. Switch off the lights and fans which are not in use.

b)Plant trees to beautify the school compound. Trees absorb C02 and release O2 into the atmosphere.

c)Use handkerchief instead of tissue papaer to reduce waste and save energy

d)Keep the school compound clean by using the litter bins and let the habit grow in our community.

e) Switch to solar powered calculators

f)Ensure the tap is properly turned off. A running tap can waste up to 9 liters of water per minute.

g)Use ordinary paper clips instead of colour paper clips which couse cadmium poisoning

h)Walk or cycle to school to reduce pollutants emitted from motor vehicles

i)Buy your writing materials made of recycled paper. This helps to reduce the of trees cut to produce paper

j)Use the recycle bins. Sort out your waste like paper, cans and glass or plastic bottles

k)Reduce waste generation by using fountain pen and merhanical pencil.

l)Bring your own food to school. It is healthier, cost saving and cleanliness is unsured

...Jabatan Alam Sekitar Malaysia

Beri undi anda berkaitan kepentingan subjek geografi dalam kehidupan individu?

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